Hey There

I specialize in bold design, testing the limits to propel my client’s and their
businesses further. Great design and compelling marketing are crucial to a brand’s success. I help my clients foster their brand and create eye-catching marketing through print and digital media.

The very first piece of marketing I ever created was a billboard in California – from that moment I was hooked. Design is an obsession for me. The way that we can create emotion, drama, love, loyalty… all through design is absolutely thrilling. I have been a designer since 2004 and in the print industry since 2006, rendering ideas into images and images into compelling marketing is my favorite thing. I work with my clients from the very first design concept to the final piece.

Staying up on the latest trends in design, print technology, and social media is incredibly vital in the fast-paced marketing environment we are in. I spend hours every week in some form of continuing education. With that said, the fundamentals of client experience, buyer behavior, and design concepts are still used in all of the marketing strategy and material that I craft.

Outside of work, I love exploring Oregon, and volunteering in my community (holding seats on multiple Boards). My ultimate favorite past time is hanging out with my husband and two boys.

Let’s do cool stuff together!